The International Adventures of a Terrors Scarf
and his friend, the Beanie.
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The Scarf
The Club Badge

Ewen Anderson is a lifelong Terrors supporter living upside down on the other side of the world. This makes getting to games a little hard although the wonders of the internet ensure that results are always available at the end of a few keystrokes.

Whilst attending games isn't a regular Saturday afternoon activity, (Imperial Fields is a little too far to get to before 3pm), Ewen's other passion outside his family is travel. So, when away from home, one of the first items packed is his Terrors scarf along with a fixture list of potential games to attend at each destination. The scarf is often accompanied by his Tooting and Mitcham beanie. Both items enthusiastically seek to gain publicity for the cause wherever possible.

Enjoy this stroll through the football world of the scarf and the beanie. Additional photos from games seen (or not seen) are also included. They are all a part of the story that is the travelling scarf (and beanie).

No apologies are offered for the number of times Ewen appears in his own photos!

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SPAIN - Real Madrid and more PORTUGAL - The Lisbon derby and more MOROCCO - The scarf in Fez (no Beanie)
GIBRALTAR - An outpost of the Empire ARGENTINA - Boca Juniors and Racing URUGUAY - The Centenario
CHILE - Copa Sudamericana ROMANIA - Dracula territory ISLE OF MAN - Peel FC
ENGLAND - Cinderford Town ITALY - Beckham's Serie A debut and more CUBA - Reggae Style in Spanish
NORTHERN IRELAND - Glentoran ENGLAND - At Imperial Fields MALTA - In the Mediterranean
TUNISIA - An Awesome Adventure