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After 50 years, at least 40 of which have seen this rucksack demoted to the dark hidden corners of some garage in the southern hemisphere, it was decided that it could no longer support the aging legs of its owner. Thus it was consigned to the tip and to history. It has trekked the Lake District, been to Marlow, South Wales (and New South Wales), the famous Swiss expedition to Interlaken, the Pyrenees, trekked the Himalayas, backpacked around Australia and south east Asia. It has lived a full and fulfilling life and now it is no more.

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1st Streatham Common - Formed in 1908 and still going strong

Dave 'Haggis' Webb has put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and dug deep into the memory bank to produce part 1 of his 'Unreliable Memoirs'. It's a scintilating read and will be much enjoyed by all, particularly those that came up through the ranks at the 1st Streatham Common. The memoirs will jog many a grey cell and perhaps encourage others to put finger to keyboard to share their own recollections.

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The Little Fella

On 1st January, 1970, the Estreham Venture Scout Unit joined forces with the Livingstone Venture Scout Unit to form the Estreham Livingstone Venture Scout Unit. Just a few months before 1st January, 1970, the 1st Streatham VSU had joined forces with the Estreham VSU as they only had six members.

The Estreham VSU was attached to the 1st Streatham Common Scout Group based at the Scout Hut in Estreham Road, a short walk from Streatham Common Railway Station. The Livingstone VSU was attached to the 3rd Streatham Scout Group who were based at Woodmansterne Primary School off Stockport Road at the other end of Streatham Vale.

The new Unit met twice a week. One night at the Estreham Road Scout Hut and the other at Woodmansterne Primary School.

One of the primary aims of the "new" Unit was to reach out and offer Venture Scout activities to the wider Scouting community in Streatham where some Scout Groups did not have their own Venture Scout Units.

After a couple of years as the Estreham Livingstone VSU, the Unit "rebranded" to the more manageable "Streatham Venture Scout Unit".

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