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Scotland Yard's finest minds have been asked to help identify all the mug shots below. They have come up short and an appeal has been made to the wider community for help. Are they a Criminal Mastermind or a fully paid up member of the Scout or Guide movements?

Can you help? Send your answers and any additional information you have such as dates, corrections and other information relating to the activity by email to

Way back in time, last century to be precise, there was a District Wide Game (remember those?) in Streatham for the district's Scouts. It was organised by Richard Biggs. The Scouts had to identify various Scout Leaders, Venture Scouts and Rangers as they carried out normal everyday roles that you might expect to see as you wandered up and down Streatham High Road. All they had to go on was these mug shots. Who are they and what was their occupation for the Wide Game?

But Wait......There's More!!!

Well before the Wide Game represented by the Mugshots - perhaps around 1963 or 1964 - there was a similar Wide Game. This website is pleased to announce that it has secured the exclusive worldwide rights to share some pictures with you from this ground breaking event. Pictures from the early 1960s event are shown below the Mugshots.

Richard Biggs Mugshot No. 2 Mike Ferrier Sue Lee
Richard Biggs   Mike Ferrier Sue Lee
Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Road Sweeper

Linda Kirk Mugshot No. 6 Jim Farmer Mugshot No. 8
Linda Kirk  Jim Farmer
Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Surveyor Occupation ??

Roger Whittle Dave Russell Vera King Mugshot No. 12
Roger Whittle Dave Russell Vera King
Old Man Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Occupation ??

Mugshot No. 13 Denise Whittle Sue Scorey Andy House
 Denise Whittle Sue Scorey Andy House
Occupation ?? Old Woman Occupation ?? Occupation ??

Dulcie Foan Mugshot No. 18 Mugshot No. 19 Peter "Slim" Foan
Dulcie Foan     Peter "Slim" Foan
Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Occupation ??

Mugshot No. 21 Graham Mortimer Mugshot No. 23 John Bowden
 Graham Mortimer  John Bowden
Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Occupation ??

Fred Farrow Dudley Chamberlain Chris Potts John Purbrick
Fred Farrow  Chris Potts John Purbrick
Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Occupation ?? Occupation ??

Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith
Occupation ??

The 1960s Wide Game.

This picture will take you back in time in more ways than one. See if you can work out why. It was taken in the school hall at Woodmansterne Road Primary School.

1960s Wide Game
Front Row L-R. Richard Biggs, Jim Cranham (looking over Richard's shoulder), Paul Leverett, Unknown, Tony Belloni, Colin Traite, John Cranham. Back Row L-R. Unknown, Unknown, Micky Crowley.

If anyone can fill in the missing names, email

Colin Traite John Cranham
Colin Traite John Cranham

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