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The 50th Anniversary Reunion was held on 18th January, 2020, at the Masonic Halls, Croydon. It was a great night enjoyed by over 85 Unit Members, Supporters and Friends. People travelled from far and wide to attend this much sought after ticket only event. There were people from Wales, Norway, Canada, Australia and even Cornwall as well as places closer to home such as Norbury.

The night was far too short to catch up with everyone (we must do this again, but not in another 50 years!) and so this page on the website has been set up to encourage people to share their memories of their days in and around the Unit in the (mainly) 1970s.

You can send your memories to for inclusion.

As with all young people, as they grow up, they enjoy new experiences. There are still only 24 hours in a day, so inevitably, earlier interests and pursuits are dropped in favour of new activities. Boys discover girls; girls discover boys. Teenagers get driving licences and with that comes a car and the freedom to go further afield. Boy Scouts, when they got to the age of 15 could then move up to Senior Scouts - if they weren't distracted by other interests. Many were. This meant Senior Scout Groups had to get by on less members and some decided they weren't viable.

So not every Scout Group had a Senior Scout Unit and Scouts were often lost to the movement or had to change Group.

Even so Senior Scout Units in Streatham were often small. The 1st Streatham had 4 members; Clive Groombridge, Dave Collarbone & Phil Merrall (all at the reunion) plus Andy House who was possibly from the 10th Streatham.

When Venture Scouts started, Senior Scout Units were encouraged to merge to gain more critical mass.

The Livingstone Senior Scout Unit had been the ‘Rolls-Royce' of Senior Scout Units in Streatham; the largest and probably most active and had no need to merge. Chris Springett had joined from the 18th Streatham but all the rest were either 3rd Streatham or friends brought in from outside who had not transitioned from the Boy Scouts - or as they were soon to become - Scouts.

There was much to-ing & fro-ing for a few months but the District settled down with four Venture Scout Units; the Sea Scouts (4th Streatham), the 2nd Streatham Hill, Estreham (which had hoovered up 1st Streatham Common (John Bowden, Paul Tinwell, Dave Webb), 1st Streatham (as above) and 22nd Streatham (John Thurley, Mick Ferrier and Dougie Hand)) and Livingstone.

Units often had their own agenda when it came to activities. The Sea Scouts - well, that speaks for itself - they were all Sailors. The Estreham Unit liked Caving and the Livingstone Unit liked Canoeing in Summer and work weekends at Downe in winter. They also did some caving, climbing and sailing. Each Unit participated in more than just their specialist activity. Often there would be weekends where units would open up their trips to members of other Units. In 1969, there was an in principle decision to look at the possibility of the Estreham and Livingstone Units merging to enable all members to have access to more activities and to become part of a stronger set up with good numbers and as importantly, strong leadership. A joint committee was formed, many committee meetings were held and the outcome was the formal merger that was effective on 1st January, 1970.

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